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  • Goods will be purchased / sold Ex-Bhiwandi wherein the responsibility of the transportation of the goods lies solely on the receiver / sender and not on Sparchem.

  • All goods will be as per COA basis only and no testing will be done / provided by us otherwise.

  • Insurance of goods in transit is not covered by Sparchem and is the responsibility of the buyer / seller.

  • Sparchem is not responsible for damage of goods / condition after closure of sale / purchase. If insisted upon, parties should ask for a photograph of the packages before confirming the purchase / sale in advance.

  • All payments are to be made only to Sparchem on a 100 % Advance basis unless as has been agreed upon.

  • Parties should indicate transporter preferences else it is upon Sparchem to decide the best suitable. By default, we will be forwarding the goods on ‘to-pay’ ‘warehouse’ basis.

  • Confirmation of purchase / sale is in the jurisdiction of Mumbai and the same unless communicated / confirmed by Sparchem stands null and void.

  • There is no replacement / return of goods unless agreed upon in advance.

  • Sparchem is not responsible for handling of goods, etc. in transit.

  • Trade names / Chemical names will only be used and no short forms, code names are allowed to be posted on the site.

  • If the goods received are short in quantity, the seller is liable to be penalised as applicable.

  • If the goods sent are short in quantity, Sparchem is liable to the amount of shortage.

  • Sparchem is a registered trademark and cannot be used otherwise in any form what so ever.

  • We [Sparchem] do not have any other sites for the purpose of ‘Surplus Chemicals’

  • Goods purchased / sold shall bear batch numbers corresponding to the one’s mentioned on the drums.

  • Purchased / sold material bearing batch numbers identical to the one’s transacted through the site cannot be posted again for a minimum period of 3 months from such date.

  • Transactions will be on a first come first basis if the offers are the same. Otherwise, the highest bidder for the goods in question will be considered subject to receipt of payments. It is upon Sparchem to confirm a trade at their discretion & is not binding upon them to do so.

  • All transactions will be through the regularised billing system and in line with the applicable taxes whether in Cash or in Banking instruments.


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